AssetsManager is referenced to the Packagist. To install the plugin, just add the package to your requirements in the composer.json configuration file of your project:

1 "require": {
2     ...
3     "atelierspierrot/assets-manager": "1.*"
4 }

The last stable release is the last tag you can find at

As we try to let the master branch in a stable status (only tested features are merged in it), you can use (quite safely) a version number like "dev-master" to use the last "master" branch of the plugin.

For information about the configurations expected by the plugin, see the Usage page.

Configure your own assets or presets

Development version

If you need to work on or with the plugin sources, you can also download an archive of current master branch and use it "as-is". If you do so, keep in mind that the plugin remains on three dependencies you MAY install for it to work:

To install these automagically with Composer, run:

1 cd path/to/assets-manager-master/
2 php path/to/composer.phar install --no-dev
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